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 Adventure, ministry on Pathfinder missions

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       Pathfinder Missions
The Pathfinders are men dedicated to hands-on missionary work in various areas
   oftheworld. The purpose of the Pathfinder's program is to meet a special need in 
   Missions Abroad Placement Service (MAPS) construction: to go and serve where other
   teams are unable.





Our team met in Miami Fl. for our flight to Bolivia, we had flown in from all over the Northeast Region for our final leg of the long journey to build a church in Urubicha.  After an overnight flight we arrived in Santa Cruz just before 8 am the following morning where we loaded up for the seven-hour bus ride to Urubicha               

We started work in the morning with about four or five locals mixing mortar. We ended around five that evening.  Both our team and the local brethren were exhausted, but satisfied with our progress. On Monday, more locals joined in to help; they were starting to catch the vision to believe that job can be done. As each day passed more locals joined in - the spirit of unity was spreading and everyone gave a 100% effort. By Wednesday there was an expectation in the air that cannot be explained unless you were there. We worked late to finish up for the dedication service scheduled for that night.  One of team members estimated that there were least five hundred in attendance for the dedication service.

In as much as I gave to the project, I received so much more of a blessing in return. We have received such glowing reports from the pastor. Many of the men that came to help were not even from the church; they just came because of the spirit of unity and purpose they saw in our team. God is truly at work in that church and in the people of Urubicha!

 By Charlie LaShure
NY District FCF President

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The goals of the Pathfinders Program are as follows:

  • To make possible propagation of the Gospel in remote areas of the world by assisting in MAPS construction projects
  • To involve FCF members in a tangible, personal accomplishment
  • To encourage others to become involved in a world missions benevolent service

    To particapate in the Trappers Brigade Pathfinder program, the FCF member must be in good standing with his chapter. He must meet the same requirements set forth for the Trappers Brigade. The member need not be in the Trappers Brigade to particapate in a Pathfinder mission. Upon completion of a mission, the individual will have met the requirements for service points necessary to become a member of the Trappers Brigade.

    In addition to becoming a member of the Trappers Brigade, the person who completes a Pathfinder mission will be awarded a special pin to be worn on his Royal Rangers uniform. This pin is to be worn above the right pocket above the Trappers Brigade pin. To qualify for the Pathfinder Award, the member must participate in a mission that meets the following criteria:
    1. The mission must be of the type no other group will sponsor due to harsh conditions, remote location, and requiring campcraft skills.
    2. The mission must be at least 5 days in length - not including travel time.
    3. The mission must be approved by the local district office and the national Royal Rangers Office.
    4. The mission must be approved through the Missions Abroad Placement Service Office and have a project number.

    NOTE: May be a home missions project if it meets qualifications 1-4 listed above.

    Because Pathfinder assignments must be regulated by the MAPS Offices, some restrictions may be applied. No person under age 18 may go outside this country (USA) unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    The administration of the Pathfinder program will be conducted by the FCF field advisor in whose portfolio is Trappers Brigade.

    Many times the men who have the skills and want to go, simply cannot afford such an undertaking. These trips range in cost from $1000.00 up to $3500.00 per man. All materials are purchased by the men going to do the work. Also, these folks take off 10 - 15 days of work and leave their love ones behind, eat MRE's, and drink water that is less than tasty. Often the FCF'ers have to hike a day or more with all their gear and materials to reach the area.

    If you feel a desire in your heart to help with such a project, but cannot go yourself, we (and a group of people somewhere in the world) would be blessed by ANY contributions you could provide. GOD will richly Bless you. It is HIS promise. If you cannot provide financial assistance, please pray for us as well as the harvest of souls. Not until you reach the gates of Heaven, will it be revealed to you what your gift has done for the Kingdom of GOD. Send your Love Offering to the district office.

    If you have any questions about Pathfinders or FCF, please contact our District FCF Pathfinder/Missions Coordinator, clashure@hotmail.com

Around the world, hundreds of people groups are still unreached. That's why Pathfinder Missions teams are part of an international fellowship of like-minded organizations working in cooperation. 

MAPS teams bless more than the church members in places where they work. When people from a community learn that men and women from the United States took vacations from their jobs, paid their own travel expenses, and provided funds for building materials to help their community, they are more willing—even eager—to hear the gospel. Many have accepted Christ after watching teams in action.






By plane, boat, mule and foot, Pathfinder Missions teams — an outgrowth of Royal Rangers ministry — have traveled to remote villages to build and remodel churches, schools and orphanages.

"It’s an adventure — and that’s what Royal Rangers is," says Fred Deaver, president of Frontier Camping Fellowship, an arm of the Royal Rangers ministry that reaches boys through the application of early American tradition. "We go to areas where others aren’t able to go."
To some people, bricks, mortar, hammers and nails are simply construction tools. But to a growing number of Assemblies of God church members, they represent much more. They are missions tools.

In some communities, the church or school built by the boys and men in the Pathfinder team is the only permanent structure among thatch dwellings.

The result is always ministry. In some communities, the church or school built by the boys and men in the Pathfinder team is the only permanent structure among thatch dwellings. Newly constructed churches are often filled to capacity immediately after being built.

Pathfinder teams have worked in Panama, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico. They have even worked in Mongolia in the middle of winter.

The idea for the trips was birthed in 1991 while Paul Etheridge, a lieutenant with the Missouri Highway Patrol and a member of the FCF executive committee, was on a MAPS trip in Mexico.

"We found out from a missionary that the construction missionaries can’t really get down into the brush," he says. "There were hundreds of churches in those areas that needed help."

Since then, interest in the program has grown as teams come back and share reports, Etheridge says. It’s teamwork that makes the Pathfinder trips successful, says Darren R. Geesaman, northeast region coordinator for Royal Rangers.

"When you go on a Pathfinder trip, who you are and what you do for a living seems so far away. … Everybody pitches in, works hard, has fun — and we get the job done to the glory of God."

Gerald Jackson, who coordinates builders trips for the Missions Abroad Placement Service (MAPS) of the A/G, went on a Pathfinder trip up the Amazon.

"It was an eight-hour boat trip, and we slept in a hammock on the boat," he says.

Etheridge remembers a trip in the Andes when a team had to rebuild a roadbed to get out of the mountains.

Like all MAPS teams, the Pathfinders raise their own travel costs and money for the project they are going to complete. But the Pathfinders focus on remote areas where projects must be completed under harsh conditions.

"Occasionally there are projects and needs where it’s not practical to take a [typical MAPS] team because there aren’t accommodations for them, specifically food or lodging," Jackson says. "It wasn’t an effort to be ‘Rambo’ or anything like that; it was an effort to meet a need. These teams are self-sufficient. They take their tents, camping stoves, water purification system and MRE’s (meals ready to eat)."

— Becky Walters Reigel and Paul H. Walters II

For more information on MAPS Builders contact:

Assemblies of God World Missions
Special Ministries

1445 Boonville Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802-1894

Voice: (417) 862-2781, extension 2082
E-mail: AGWM MAPSBuilders@ag.org

Gerald Jackson is MAPS construction representative for Assemblies of God World Missions.

This information is available  through Gospel  Publishing House  in hard-copy format in the brochure “MAPS Builders.” Item number 717-650.