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We are very excited to announce the release of a Royal Rangers Data Tracking Software called Navigator (Outpost Edition Version 1.0). The software is available and distributed (free of charge) to any outpost currently chartered through the national Royal Rangers office. Charter verification is part of the registration approval process. Registration will be required to receive download information. Click the Link below and sign up.
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 Discovery Rangers

In evereything,
do to others what 
you would have
them do to you.


Discovery Rangers and Adventure Rangers material NOW AVAILABLE in the Rangers Online Store!!

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Old- to New-Merit Conversion Information
Click here to see charts that explain 
how the new color-bordered merits convert from the old-program merits.

  For Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades:
  » Discoveries - Camping, Outdoor Activities, and non-Camping opportunities
    » Exciting Advancements
    » Merit Award Driven
    » Camping and non-camping advancements
    » Weekly Planning Guides -- complete lessons
    » Opening, Patrol Corners, Bible Study, Main Feature, Advancements
    » Recreation       
    » Devotion, and Closing
      Quarterly System
      12 weeks (4 Quarters per year)
      Built in Councils of Achievement 

Discovery Rangers 
Are introduced to a wider range of activities, such as the camping program. Discovery Rangers demonstrates that reading the Bible can be fun. The Advancement Trail is merit driven (advancement is based on the  number of merits earned), offering many options. Merits include subjects like Firecraft, Lashing, Space Exploration, Art, Compass, and Insect Study.