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We are very excited to announce the release of a Royal Rangers Data Tracking Software called Navigator (Outpost Edition Version 1.0). The software is available and distributed (free of charge) to any outpost currently chartered through the national Royal Rangers office. Charter verification is part of the registration approval process. Registration will be required to receive download information. Click the Link below and sign up.
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     NYRR Website Project Team

We are endeavoring to bring the New York District Royal Ranger Website up the caliber of a commercial website that would give both leaders and boys all of the necessary tools and information required to have an outstandin
g outpost.

In order to do this we are attempting to develop a Website Project Team that would facilitate the design, content and ongoing development of such a website.

Commander Joe Goncalves would be the over all Project Team Manager that oversees content, usability and project team issues and questions. The project team would consist of a team leader chosen at the initial face to face meeting.  The other project team members would be in charge of a complete section of the website and responsible to the team leader.  Each member would commit to an initial year of involvement. Also the team member should not be involved in other duties other than at the Outpost level due to commitment and involvement of the initial start up.

Initial qualifications for a project team member are that he/she must have web design experience in either  XML, HTML, FrontPage, DreamWeaver, etc.  They must have been responsible for either the whole or part of a website other than a home website.  Additional qualifications will be in line with the area of responsibility such as Database Manager, Audio/Visual content, FCF area, Training area, General Content area, etc.  It will also be mandatory that the team member have a high speed line to his/her home. 

At the first meeting it will be determined if the site should be Unix or Windows based; either to keep the present ISP or to change; type of database used throughout the website; areas of responsibility; online meeting program such as Skype or Netmeeting, etc. to be used for the project team online meetings after the initial face to face meeting; a consensus of the website layout and logos. 

If you wish to be considered please send your information/questions to Joe Goncalves at the following email address. rangerjoe1@verizon.net Or call at (315) 488-2664.