National Event

National Events are events sponsored by the National Royal Rangers.



There is a National Elementary Education Conference scheduled for April 28-29 in Haverhill, MA 

Johnnie Barnes Excellence in Leadership & Ministry Initiative (JBEI)

Good afternoon District Director and Staff

In place of the annual Northeast Region Business meeting in November this year, we are going to use that weekend to host the Johnnie Barnes Excellence in Leadership & Ministry Initiative (JBEI) for all of the organizational leaders in the Northeast Region.  Sectional, District and Regional teams should take advantage of this excellent training to help strengthen their teams in ministry efforts.  Our national director, Karl Fleig – as well as national staffers Steve Schultz and John Hicks will be on the JBEI staff.

National Royal Rangers Week

The first full week each October is National Royal Rangers Week. This is a time when churches spotlight the ministry during a service, or an outpost will have a special event (such as a father-son weekend) or plan a community outreach. It's a great opportunity to promote Royal Rangers inside and outside of the church.


The Early Registration Discount ends on February 24th for the upcoming World Class Outpost seminar

                                                                    March 31 - April 1 in Vineland, NJ.