Frontiersmen Advancement

Adirondack Chapter and the advancement medallions awarded during Trace Experiences.
(Medallions area available for purchase only up to the individuals level of advancement.)

REMEMBER! All advancement candidates should always have a MENTOR who has guided you through your FCF journey. ALL members should be actively mentoring others. Guidelines
do allow for Mentors that are not necessarily FCF members
. In either situation, it is strongly urged to download from the National website at under the FCF Experiences Workbooks

Chapter Scout

If it is an even numbered year, that means it is time again where during the Fall Trace we must select a Chapter Scout for another two (2) year term. This is an attainable goal that should be considered by all Young Bucks. The Adirondack Chapter has kept up with the tradition of appointing new Scouts every term and even more proud to have had several of our Adirondack Chapter Scouts move up to become Territorial and National Scouts.

For all the Young Bucks and Sectional Scouts with aspirations to become a Chapter Scout and eventually a Territorial or a National Scout, then you must review the ‘FCF Scout Handbook’. This will provide you the guidance and steps you need to follow in achieving this goal. You will also need to complete the ‘Scout Application’ and be prepared to participate in the Scout competitions.