FCF Advancement

To all Royal Rangers Leaders, FCF Adirondack Chapter members and New Member Candidates,

This notice comes as a follow-up reminder to the recent Newsletter that was sent out a few weeks ago updating you on the state of affairs of the Chapter, new important updates and the upcoming Fall Trace event.

As of now we are planning to hold this event based on current conditions of the pandemic and official recommendations & guidelines by both government agencies and of the Assemblies of God. The situation is being constantly monitored for updates and changes. We pray and hope that circumstances will continue to improve allowing us to move forward with this event. However, we are also sensitive to the climate of concern and if matters do change unfavorably, we will not hesitate to make a quick decision to the contrary.

If you have an opinion on the matter or how your outpost or Pastor views this, please feel free to let us know as we would welcome your feedback. Use the new FCF email address to communicate to us at fcf@nyroyalrangers.org

Take further notice, that in light of the above mentioned, the Event Itinerary will contain activities, however, to be prudent for safety reasons, it has been decided not to over plan, but maintain a lighter more open schedule. Instead, we would simply prefer to provide an atmosphere of relaxation to enjoy being outdoors.

Fall Trace packets to provide event details, registration forms and itineraries will be posted on the nyroyalrangers.org website on or before 9/1/20. In the interim all other information has already been posted.

For those seeking to become members of FCF or member advancement, once again, this year’s Fall Trace we will be offering all three experiences. The event is fast approaching so it is important that you act now! Reach out to the respective Advancement Representative by going to the NYRR website nyroyalrangers.org for details with regard to contact information, advancement applications, applicable fees and the deadlines for submitting the same. You can download all applications by going to nationalfcf.com under the Home page, select tab for “FCF Forms”

Please take further notice that at this Fall Trace we will be selecting a new Chapter Scout. Young Bucks are encourage to review the criterion and seek advisement from the Scout Representative if you are considering applying to serve the Chapter in this honorable role.

The following documents can be viewed on the NYRR website::
FCF Adirondack Chapter – Advancement
FCF Adirondack Chapter – Event Fees
(Note: there has been changes to the event registration and deadlines)

I look forward to seeing many of you taking steps to grow through advancement in FCF.

Richard “Jacob’s Staff” Franco
FCF President, Adirondack Chapter
‘Ad Dare Servire’


You will also notice on the NYRR website additional document information with regard to the following:

2020 FCF Web Info – Staff
FCF Adirondack Chapter – Membership Policies
FCF Adirondack Chapter – Member DUES PAYMENT Form
FCF Adirondack Chapter – Member UPDATE Form

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