2023 Spring Trace

Greetings Royal Ranger Leaders (and FCF Candidates),

In response to comments received, I am getting the Spring Trace packet out as soon as possible. Here it is!

In keeping with our recent tradition, the Spring Trace is open to all Royal Rangers, regardless of FCF status. This will give everyone a chance to experience what life was like on the New York frontier when we were still loyal subjects of the British Empire.

Special note to anyone looking to either join FCF or advance:

  • FWilderness – you are supposed to wear your “wilderness pouch” as often as possible in the months leading up to your Wilderness Vigil. Therefore, make every effort to submit your application ASAP. Paulie Martin would prefer to receive them by February 15th, however, since that is already upon us, please submit your application no later than Friday, February 25th or as soon as possible.
  • Frontiersmen and Buckskin applicants, please note the requirements detailed in the Trace packet (pages 7-9) and submit your applications by the stated deadline.

Our guest speaker for the weekend is one of our own: Brian “Patches” Miller, Northeast Territorial FCF Representative..

Please review the entire Spring ‘23 Trace Packet, especially page 3 which details important changes to our registration process, intended to make the process simpler, AND the Important notices (page 3).

We are still evaluating how to operate under the recent changes in New York State’s Firearms Law. As we approach the event, updates will be sent out.

Along with this letter you should be receiving the:

Please keep the Spring Trace in prayer.

In His Service,
Paul Ronca
FCF – Colonials Territory, Adirondack Chapter President

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