Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship

Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF) is a special program of Royal Rangers that provides men and boys with additional opportunities to develop specialized outdoor skills based on the lore and traditions of the early American frontiersmen. The NY Ministry Network hosts a couple of FCF events including the Spring Trace and the Fall Trace. We also join in with the Northeast Region for the Colonials Territorial Rendezvous as well as the National Rendezvous every 4 years.

FCF Membership Report 2020-2021

The posted Membership Report is intended to be a resource for members. This data file is for information purposes only and does not reflect all information, as well as, may contain some errors or omissions. This is a work in progress as fields still need to be populated from information forms already received from members. This data base will remain permanently posted and will be updated regularly as new forms are collected.

Every members cooperation is needed to update the accuracy of this report currently and as you will continue to do so each year by your annual reporting. Please assist the Chapter by reviewing the information for yourself and your outpost. Thereafter, it is requested for to do the following:

  • refer to any notes made by the Chapter Scribe, if any that may pertain to you;
  • complete the required UPDATE form;
  • summit your annual dues owed, along with the DUES PAYMENT form;
  • inform us of any other information changes regarding yourself that is not already included on the previous forms:
  • inform us of the status of any of the other members within your outpost that we should know about to adjust records; and
  • inform us of the status of any of the other members formally associated with your outpost from the ‘Rescinded Membership List’
    that we should know about for our records.”

All information can be corresponded directly be using the FCF email address at .

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