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Pow Wow August 10-13, 2023 at our beautiful camp in Greene NY

Pow Wow – August 10-13, 2023

Activities – These events are on schedule if we have the staff to supervise the activity listed:

.22 Rifle RangeEvening ServicesTwo Man Saw
BB Gun RangeVolley BallFlint and Steel
Paint BallSwimming PoolBoard Games
BMX Bike RacingScavenger HuntDarts
Strong Patrol CompetitionNature CraftMovie Night
Ranger DerbyBolo Tie CraftFCF Skit
RC CarsRocket Building CraftSaturday Evening Show
Rocket LaunchingHawk and Knife ThrowingGreat Food
Talent Night SkitsPreaching CompetitionCamping and Hiking
Pow Wow RunFCF VillageWatching Grass Grow
Enjoy the Night SkyVolunteering

Special Guest Speaker – Chris Wottawa

Chris grew up on Long Island NY, attending the Royal Ranger Ministry of Outpost 43. While being a part of the ministry, Chris received FCF membership, Saber Corp, and GMA…Following the call of God on his life discovered at Rangers, he attended and graduated Northpoint Bible College with a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies and student Ministry. Chris currently serves as one of the Youth Pastors at Epic Church International in Sayreville, NJ.

Registration and Information

$150/person PRE-REGISTERED if received by July 5       

$165/person LATE PRE-REGISTERED if received after July 5

$175.00/person if registering after July 20 or at the door

Pow Wow Registration Packet

Note : Pow Wow Registration is done as an outpost

The Registration Packet includes the pre-registration form, final registration form, and permission forms.

2023 Pow Wow Information Packet

For Adults attending Pow Wow, please make sure your staff applications are up-to-date. These can be found on our Keeping Our Boys Safe page. You will also be required to have your name checked against the “Staff Exclusion List” Contact Steve Monez for details.

Stay tuned to this webpage. As we get more information, we will be making updates here.


Pow Wow Poster

Event Required Forms

JLDA 2023

Junior Leadership Development Academy 2023 will be August 7-10. JLDA is an awesome experience where young men grow and develop their leadership skills. More information about this year’s JLDA can be found in the Summer Camps Packet.


Merit Camp is for any boy who has graduated 4th grade, but not yet in 7th. This year we are planning to cover the following 5 Blue Skill merits: Fishing, Air Gun Safety, Astronomy, Pioneer Lore and Rocketry.

Ranger Training Camp (RTC) is a district leadership training event for boys who have graduated the 4th grade but not yet in the 7th grade. RTC prepares boys to serve as junior leaders in a boy-led, adult-facilitated outpost. RTC can be offered in a camping, retreat center, or church venue.

Junior Training Camp is a district training event for boys who completed 6th grade or above. JTC focuses on leadership development in the local patrol and group. JTC can be offered in a camping, retreat center, or church venue. JTC is a required event for the Trial of the Saber Award.

Advanced Junior Training Camp is a district event for boys who have completed 7th grade or above. AJTC focuses on leadership development by serving in group and church leadership roles for young men. AJTC can be offered in a camping, retreat center, or church venue. AJTC is a required event for the Trail of the Saber Award.

Shooting Sports Action Camp is designed to give boys (who have completed the 8th grade or above), leaders and dads is designed for those who wish to learn about shooting sports. You will learn basic shooting and firearm safety. Much of the instruction is based on the Green Air Rifle merit and the silver, Smallbore Rifle, and Trap Shooting merits. Archery and black power training will not be covered. You will also learn the process for participating in the Royal Ranger Postal Shooting Events. The camp is also open adult men leaders and dads.

Survival Action Camp is designed to give boys (who have completed the 8th grade or above), leaders and dads is designed to give training and experience in survival in the backcountry. Much of the instruction is based on the requirements from the silver Wilderness Survival merit. The time will be divided between instruction and application. You will learn skills, such as advanced fire craft, primitive beds and shelters, how to find food and water, outdoor cooking, and first aid. Teams will construct and live in survival shelters. This is also a great opportunity to draw closer to God and grow spiritually.

Junior Academy is designed to prepare men and young men to serve as leaders/instructors at RTC, JTC, AJTC, Action Camps, and further equip them for service in the local outpost and the local church. JA has a strong focus on mentoring and staff training. JA is a two-stage process.

*Junior Academy starts a day early, on August 6th.


Registration for any of the JLDA camps can be completed online. Click here to register.


Registration Information Packet

Required JLDA Form Packet – Includes permission forms, medical release, adult clearance, equipment checklist, camp directions, and pre-camp meals.

Event Required Forms Note: There is no Outpost JLDA Registration Form. Each person not on staff has to do Registration for this event online.