Trail of the Saber

The Trail of the Saber is an award giving special recognition to boys who take full advantage of the junior leadership development opportunities available in their outpost and district. The award acknowledges the growth in servant leadership experienced in this process, starting in Discovery or Adventure Rangers and continuing through Expedition Rangers.

National RankingAward DateRecipient
TS2015-013November 2015Chris Wottawa
TS2015-014November 2015Richard Wottawa
TS2015-015November 2015Matthew Wottawa
TS2016-004March 2016Jared Silverman
TS2016-006June 2016Johnny Martin
TS2016-007June 2016John Friedmann
TS2016-015November 2016Isaac Vail
TS2017-021June 2017Gavin Schmidt
TS2018-003January 2018Nathaniel J. Manns
TS2018-007May 2018Bryon Phillip
TS2018-018July 2018Edward Patton IV
TS2018-019July 2018Abel Rodriguez
TS2019-002January 2019Peter Meyer
TS2019-014July 2019Jesse Robinson
TS2019-015July 2019Edward Patton IV 
TS2019-016August 2019Christian Jean-Fils
TS2019-017August 2019Matthew Karabatzoglou
TS2019-018August 2019Daniel Parker
TS2019-019August 2019Elijah Joseph Mery
TS2019-020August 2019Zachary Spanarelli
TS2019-021August 2019Joseph Spreckels
TS2019-022August 2019Derek Sands
TS2019-023August 2019Giovanni Spanarelli
TS2019-024August 2019Saul Becerril
TS2019-025August 2019Samuel Grant
TS2019-026August 2019Christopher Madray
TS2019-027August 2019Isaiah Narine
TS2019-028August 2019Abel Joshua Ramsaroop
TS2019-039November 2019Josiah Sohun
TS2020-014May 2020Elijah Mery