Camp Project 2023

Right now, we have the weekend June 9 – 10 on the calendar. If your available for any other dates, please let us know. We need adult assistance, the more people that can get involved the quicker we can get things accomplished.

Sign up on the “Busy Bees” page, if you can help! It’s under the “Camp” tab.

Our proposed 2023 Camp Development Project

Renovation of our Kitchen Building

Praise God!  We are already beginning to see positive results from our fundraising campaign.  This is only the beginning of what is needed.   Please continue to pray with us for all the finances, materials, and assistance we will need to complete this project.   

If you have been to the Royal Ranger Camp in Greene, you know the condition of our kitchen cabin.  This spring we are hoping to begin renovations.  And of course, that means the cost of materials, supplies, etc.    We are Praying that many will help by sending generous donations. 

You can donate from our website homepage.  Click the link below:  
New York Royal Rangers (nyroyalrangers.org)
Then click the big red DONATE button. 
Choose this fund:  “Royal Ranger Camp Development/Maint.”

If you mail a check, please make it payable to:
“New York Ministry Network” in the Memo write “Royal Ranger Camp Development/Maint.”
With a note to specify your intent… Send it to:
Terri LaRocca c/o
New York Ministry Network
8130 Oswego Rd
Liverpool, NY 13090

The Kitchen Renovation project will require the use of equipment and many volunteers are needed to help with the work. 

  1. Lift the building and excavate for a foundation.
  2. Replace rotten framing members and floor joists
  3. Pour a new foundation and lower building onto it
  4. Construct a new building for our walk-in cooler and freezers/refrigerators
  5. Replace existing roofing material with a new metal roof 
  6. Add additional electrical fixtures and outlets as needed
  7. Replace all plumbing including permanent drain
  8. Insulate and drywall all walls and ceilings
  9. Prime and paint interior
  10. Caulk and paint the exterior
  11. Install a larger front deck with roof
  12. Install new wider steps and wider upper deck for 2nd floor access

Please keep all of this in prayer. A lot of hard work and time goes into building and maintaining our camp. It’s a labor of love and our team has sacrificially given of their time and talents to the Lord.