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2022 Spring Trace

May 13-15, 2022

Royal Rangers Camp – Greene, NY


Frontiersman, Buckskin & Wilderness Experiences PLUS:
Demonstrations, training, competition and FUN!!!

James 5:16 – The prayer of a righteous man…

FCF Members, RR Leaders, Royal Rangers, Guests / Friends, and Pastors
We especially invite men and boys from other churches who do not have a Royal Ranger ministry (see Spring Trace packet for details)

Hosted by the FCF Adirondack Chapter
Come share with us the warmth and glow of the campfire as we praise and worship our almighty God in the majesty of the great outdoors.

Guest Speaker

Hello! My name is Samson Ayala. I’m a father of 2 amazing daughters and have been married for 22 years. I started Royal Rangers at the age of 12. Afterward I began to work in youth ministry as the Youth Alive coordinator for the Spanish Eastern District. God then led me back to Royal Rangers in my outpost.

The Lord has opened many doors for me through this ministry. In 2017 I joined FCF and now I am a Wilderness member taking on the name of Lion Heart. I currently serve as a commander and as a Sunday school teacher at Calvary international church in Brooklyn, I also go on social media to do the Rescue Coffee time with Samson every Sunday. I am looking forward to spending this weekend with you in fellowship and in worshiping our Master Ranger.


Please note, if the registration headcount on page 3 is incorrect, you may need to calculate the amount due by hand.

Summit 2023

Summit 2023 will be April 14-15, 2023, in Binghamton, NY. We’re taking this event to a whole new level this time. Summit is the greatest training and resourcing event of the year. You are definitely going to want to make plans to attend. You will be preparing to build a legacy of success by being there.


We will be meeting at

City Church
255 Washington Street
Binghamton, NY 13901

Click here for directions

Hotel Info

Call the Hotel to reserve a room:

Double Tree by Hilton Binghamton 607-722-7575

Holiday Inn Binghamton 607-722-1212

Comfort Inn Binghamton 607-724-3297


An updated event for 2023 is the Saturday morning “ACTIVITY EXTRAVAGANZA”! This is a time of fellowship, fun, sharing and experiencing. We are featuring a number of fun activities that will inspire you with fun activities to take back to your outpost and share with your boys.

If you have an activity that you would like to share, please contact Steve or Mike. or

Seminars and Classes

A complete list of seminars and classes are located in the event packet.

Event Safety Protocols

We are asking all attendees to take part in our safety precautions during the event.

  • Do not attend if you are not feeling well.
  • Please check your temperature upon entry. If you have a temperature over 100F, you should not be attending.


Summit Event Packet

Every Boy Initiative giving page


Register Online Here

2021 Fall Trace


Royal Rangers Camp
Greene, NY

All are Welcome!

It’s time to start making plans NOW to attend!

FCF Members, RR Leaders, Royal Rangers, Guests / Friends, and Pastors
We especially invite men and boys
from other churches who do not have a Royal Rangers ministry

Hosted by the FCF Adirondack Chapter.
Come share with us the warmth and glow of the campfire as we praise and worship our almighty God in the majesty of the great outdoors.

Guest speaker by special invitation for this event will be Pastor Daniel Reeves. Pastor Dan comes from the Encounter Life AG , Jasper, Georgia.  He has been in the ministry for over 30 years answering the call to serve. He is truly a man anointed by God as he possess a great knowledge of the scriptures and has been gifted as a dynamic and passionate speaker of the word. We are very excited and look forward to having him join our event and to see what God has in store for the Adirondack Chapter  COME EXPECTING!!!

This event gives us the opportunity to connect and fellowship.
While at the same time also have some fun experiencing the 1700’s frontier life style.
the Holy Spirit will be present, as ALL will be blessed.

JLDA 2021

Junior Leadership Development Academy 2021 will be July 12-15. JLDA is an awesome experience where young men grow and develop their leadership skills. More information about this year’s JLDA can be found in the Summer Camps Packet.


Ranger Training Camp (RTC) is a district leadership training event for boys who have graduated the 4th grade but not yet in the 7th grade. RTC prepares boys to serve as junior leaders in a boy-led, adult-facilitated outpost. RTC can be offered in a camping, retreat center, or church venue.

Merit Camp is for any boy who has graduated 4th grade, but not yet in 7th. This year we are planning to cover the following 5 skill merits: Cooking, Wildlife, Air Gun Safety, Rope Craft, and Fire Craft.

Junior Training Camp is a district training event for boys who completed 6th grade or above. JTC focuses on leadership development in the local patrol and group. JTC can be offered in a camping, retreat center, or church venue. JTC is a required event for the Trial of the Saber Award.

Advanced Junior Training Camp is a district event for boys who have completed 7th grade or above. AJTC focuses on leadership development by serving in group and church leadership roles for young men. AJTC can be offered in a camping, retreat center, or church venue. AJTC is a required event for the Trail of the Saber Award.

Shooting Sports Action Camp is designed to give boys (who have completed the 8th grade or above), leaders and dads is designed for those who wish to learn about shooting sports. You will learn basic shooting and firearm safety. Much of the instruction is based on the Green Air Rifle merit and the silver, Smallbore Rifle, and Trap Shooting merits. Archery and black power training will not be covered. You will also learn the process for participating in the Royal Ranger Postal Shooting Events. The camp is also open adult men leaders and dads.

Survival Action Camp is designed to give boys (who have completed the 8th grade or above), leaders and dads is designed to give training and experience in survival in the backcountry. Much of the instruction is based on the requirements from the silver Wilderness Survival merit. The time will be divided between instruction and application. You will learn skills, such as advanced fire craft, primitive beds and shelters, how to find food and water, outdoor cooking, and first aid. Teams will construct and live in survival shelters. This is also a great opportunity to draw closer to God and grow spiritually.

Junior Academy is designed to prepare men and young men to serve as leaders/instructors at RTC, JTC, AJTC, Action Camps, and further equip them for service in the local outpost and the local church. JA has a strong focus on mentoring and staff training. JA is a two-stage process.


Registration for any of the JLDA camps can be completed online. Click here to register.


2021 Spring Memorandum

To all FCF Adirondack Chapter members and Royal Rangers Leaders,

This notice comes as an ANNOUNCEMENT, a REMINDER, an UPDATE, and as a FOLLOW-UP to previous event memos and newsletters.


Chapter Recognitions (National & Regional)
This year at the 2021 LEAD Conference the chapter was recognized for a Three (3) Star rating. ⭐⭐⭐
Although this breaks a 13 year streak, with the circumstances of a pandemic year, this rating was excellent and considered a top rating. Nevertheless, you may find this as a great surprise, or not, but I am pleased to inform once again (x7), to all FCF members, RR leaders and Royal Rangers, that the Adirondack Chapter has earned the NER / Colonials Territory, Eagle Award as the top chapter. These recognition’s continues to serve as a measure of our commitment to “give and to serve” toward the work of the Lord’s kingdom….“Great Job”!

Previously announced and posted last August 2020 on the RR NYMN website are the various documents that detail significant organizational matters and updates to the Chapter with regard to Policies & Guidelines, Membership Records and Event Organizing. I hope that members have taken the time to review the same, as much of the information effects all members. Based on current membership stats and member record reporting, it is evident that many still require attention to this matter. Starting with the new 2021/22 Ranger year, record keeping of member activity commenced whereby tracking individual ‘Membership Standings’. Let’s be mindful as Christian servants, take our membership and ‘Motto’ seriously, as we go about the Lord’s work. He expects nothing less, nor excepts anything less from each of us.

The following documents can be viewed on the NYRR website:

Although we continue to pray for members to come forward to serve within the Chapter to fill various open positions, God is good, remains in control and meets our needs. As such, we there has been a few changes and adjustments to our staff. I am most pleased to announce that Joseph “Papa Wolf” Otero is the new Chapter Scribe. An important position to serving the Chapter. Joe will continue to also remain as the ‘Storekeeper’ but will further utilize his personal expertise and talents to serve in his ne role as Chapter Scribe.

The following document can be viewed on the NYRR website:

Pathfinder missions efforts and opportunities were in the process for everyone to get involved, including FCF and non-FCF leaders and boys, as well as, non-Royal Rangers. Unfortunately the current situation with the Pandemic has halted all efforts. However, we eagerly look forward with great expectation as we see what God has for us and how we can serve Him in this capacity as we continue to remain missions minded and plan future missions endeavors. Remember to also keep track of your ‘Trackers Brigade’ service hours.

National Updates
Last year National FCF unveiled new updated Membership & Advancements guidelines for boys. The revised criterion is merit skills based, as well as, stepping back the advancement level minimum requirements for the other advancement levels These modifications will allow greater opportunity and encourage more boys in becoming members of FCF. An important processes in the mentoring of these young lives.

Membership and Advancement Requirements:

Frontiersman – Contact your Advancement Representative and in a timely manner and submit a ‘Membership
Application’. Complete the following requirements:
Boys Only
Earn the following required skill merits:
1) Camping and 2) First Aid Skills or First Aid/CPR
3) Graduate of the fifth grade. (Date of your 11th birthday)
4) Be an active member of your local chartered outpost
Leaders Only
• Complete the Ready and Safety Levels of the OLAL- Provide a copy of your Ready and
Safety certificates with this application.
• Be an active member of your local Chartered Outpost.
• Be presently a member in good standing in your church.
Boys and Leaders
5) Complete a Frontier Adventure.
Buckskin – AR Bronze / ER E1 Merits:12 listed trade related merits i.e. hide tanning, leather, etc.
Wilderness – AR Silver / ER E2 Merits: Black Powder Safety or Archery; and Wilderness Survival

Spring Trace

Everyone is invited to come.

We cannot emphasized enough and encourage you to make the effort to join with us. This includes Royal Rangers, guests, pastors and leaders. This event not only gives us the opportunity to connect and fellowship with others, it gives Rangers, their friends, leaders and your pastors the exposure to be introduced to Royal Rangers and FCF, experience a 1700’s frontier life style. Witness village displays, demonstrations, featured activities, competitions and open trading. Just come to relax in a casual atmosphere, let the boys have fun, but, most of all, meet up with the Holy Spirit. You will be blessed at our evening council fires fellowship & worship.

Modern camping technology is welcome.

Designated camping areas adjacent to the FCF Village will be coordinated. This will allow FCF members and their Outposts to stay together with fellow Outpost FCF members (without period equipment), non-members and guests to be and feel part of the event festivities. Enjoy the fun and challenges of camping. Demonstrate and teach camping skills to your boys. All campers and FCF members alike will setup model campsites and plan & prepare their own meals.

Welcome Parents!
We have been informed that parents transporting their boys will be coming to the event. They too are welcome to stay for the weekend as well and join with their church outposts. As such, the event fee will only be $5 and all they need to do is comply with the event registration for a “Guest”

The following documents can be viewed and downloaded on the NYRR website:

Spring Trace we will be offering all three (3) experiences. If you are seeking advancement to become an FCF member or move up to the next advancement level, you must act quickly to reach out to the respective Advancement Representative. Check the NYRR website for details with regard to contact information for your respective representative, advancement applications, applicable fees and the deadlines for submitting the same.

Fall Trace packet with further event details, registration forms and itineraries has been posted on the RR Network website

Take further notice, that in light of the pandemic circumstances and being sensitive to individual’s continued personal concerns, the ‘Event Itinerary’ will contain activities, however, to be prudent for safety reasons, we will still exercise, monitor and conduct certain safety protocols. It has been decided not to over plan, but maintain a lighter and safer more open schedule. Our intentions are simply to provide an atmosphere of relaxation to enjoy being outdoors.

Chapter Scout & Jr. Field Advisor

Please take further notice that we will be announcing our new Chapter Scout and Jr. Field Advisor. They will serve through till fall of 2022.

Young Bucks are encourage to review the criterion and seek advisement from the Scout Representative if you are considering applying to serve the Chapter in these honorable roles.

We are now accepting applications for the position up until the Summit. Interviews will be conducted in person at the event or special arrangements can be made via on-line if necessary.

Contact Brian “Patches” Miller, Colonials Territorial Representative, (631) 234-3756 to inform him of your interest to serve and to receive further information, guidance and instruction, as well as, to answer any questions you may have.

These applications can be downloaded by going to under Home page, select tab for “FCF Forms”

Please feel free to use the new FCF email address to communicate to us

I look forward to seeing many of you taking steps to grow through advancement in FCF.