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FCF Advancement

To all Royal Rangers Leaders, FCF Adirondack Chapter members and New Member Candidates,

This notice comes as a follow-up reminder to the recent Newsletter that was sent out a few weeks ago updating you on the state of affairs of the Chapter, new important updates and the upcoming Fall Trace event.

As of now we are planning to hold this event based on current conditions of the pandemic and official recommendations & guidelines by both government agencies and of the Assemblies of God. The situation is being constantly monitored for updates and changes. We pray and hope that circumstances will continue to improve allowing us to move forward with this event. However, we are also sensitive to the climate of concern and if matters do change unfavorably, we will not hesitate to make a quick decision to the contrary.

If you have an opinion on the matter or how your outpost or Pastor views this, please feel free to let us know as we would welcome your feedback. Use the new FCF email address to communicate to us at

Take further notice, that in light of the above mentioned, the Event Itinerary will contain activities, however, to be prudent for safety reasons, it has been decided not to over plan, but maintain a lighter more open schedule. Instead, we would simply prefer to provide an atmosphere of relaxation to enjoy being outdoors.

Fall Trace packets to provide event details, registration forms and itineraries will be posted on the website on or before 9/1/20. In the interim all other information has already been posted.

For those seeking to become members of FCF or member advancement, once again, this year’s Fall Trace we will be offering all three experiences. The event is fast approaching so it is important that you act now! Reach out to the respective Advancement Representative by going to the NYRR website for details with regard to contact information, advancement applications, applicable fees and the deadlines for submitting the same. You can download all applications by going to under the Home page, select tab for “FCF Forms”

Please take further notice that at this Fall Trace we will be selecting a new Chapter Scout. Young Bucks are encourage to review the criterion and seek advisement from the Scout Representative if you are considering applying to serve the Chapter in this honorable role.

The following documents can be viewed on the NYRR website::
FCF Adirondack Chapter – Advancement
FCF Adirondack Chapter – Event Fees
(Note: there has been changes to the event registration and deadlines)

I look forward to seeing many of you taking steps to grow through advancement in FCF.

Richard “Jacob’s Staff” Franco
FCF President, Adirondack Chapter
‘Ad Dare Servire’


You will also notice on the NYRR website additional document information with regard to the following:

2020 FCF Web Info – Staff
FCF Adirondack Chapter – Membership Policies
FCF Adirondack Chapter – Member DUES PAYMENT Form
FCF Adirondack Chapter – Member UPDATE Form

FCF Summer 2020 Newsletter

From the FCF President

Please see the attached newsletter for information about:

  • Membership and Advancement
  • Fall Trace – October 2-4
  • Missions
  • Membership Annual Dues

Fall Trace

The Fall Trace is coming this October 2-4. Everyone is welcome. This will be a great opportunity to get back together for the first time since the outbreak started. Mark this date down on your calendar and invite your boys.

Be Encouraged!!!

I moved my house plants into the sun room and they are flourishing… move yourself into the Son room… the Bible.

I hope that this bulletin finds you enjoying a close walk with the Lord. It certainly is a privilege to be a Royal Ranger leader and have the opportunity to help shape lives. What an awesome responsibility. Lets all be sure that we are equipped to do it right!!

Last week the executive staff and I drove out to Dayton, Ohio to the National Royal Rangers Lead Conference. The teaching of our assistant general superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Rick DuBose encouraged me. Pastor Rick made a few very important points as he discussed the results of a Barna Group Survey concerning Bible engagement.

  • A definite correlation in the level of Bible engagement of a person and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The more Bible-engaged a person is – the more likely they are to experience the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
  • It is obvious that higher levels of Bible engagement lead to greater display of the gifts of the Spirit in an individuals life.
  • Bible engagement will produce an appetite for resources surrounding Bible study.

Consistent Bible engagement will have a positive effect on your daily walk with the Lord, your desire to draw closer to Him and spread His gospel message through godly example and other avenues of mentoring. Do you want to see God working in your life, your family, your church and your ministry? “Seek ye first the kingdom of God…” – Matthew 6:33

Steve Monez is the director of the NY Royal Rangers.

Training and Resource Summit Rescheduled

You may have heard the recent warnings and announcement that restricts gatherings of groups over 50 people. As we are getting closer to the Summit and WCO, we realize that the current state of health concerns over the COVID-19 will impact our event. With this in mind, we find it necessary that we reschedule both Summit and WCO for a later date (TBA). We care greatly for your health and those within your ministry and community.

If you have already registered and paid for Summit, you can contact Ed Hazard ( to discuss options. We will honor your request if you would like to be refunded, but we will also offer to transfer your registration fee to the Summit happening at the later date.

If you registered for WCO through the national office, you will need to submit a written request to

Additionally we want to urge you at this time to be open to how your church and pastor are asking you to proceed with your outpost meetings. As Royal Rangers, God calls us to be “Ready for Anything.” A situation like this sometimes needs a lot of patience, understanding and maybe a bit of creativity to do things differently. During this time we want to encourage you to continue being a Godly role-model and mentor to the boys in your ministry. Sometimes just being strong and standing firm during a trial can be an excellent example. Also, be sure to share hope. Give an encouraging phone call, text, or message if you can’t meet face to face. Your boys (and their parents) can use hope. But most importantly, pray.

Operation FGA

Are you interested in serving on a short-term missions project? We are offering a missions opportunity for April 22 – May 2. This opportunity is a constructions missions trip for men and young men to fully restore a pastor’s house. See the flyer for more information.

Give Online

Give online here. Be sure to select Pathfinder Operation Fund.

Before Pictures

Contact the Missions Coordinator

Camp Work Weekend

Camp Improvement Projects

We’re going to be working at the camp June 6-9. We have a lot that will be going on. We need adult assistance to make these improvements to our camp. The more people that can get involved the quicker we can get things up and running. There are a number of projects going on this weekend. This is our camp and it’s a beautiful place to spend time with God.

Please contact John Gingerich if you can help!

Proposed Camp Development


We have a great road that extends from County Rd 9 all the way up to the top of the hill. We’re looking at extending this road around the camp. Take a look at the picture to see what the plan is. The heavy white line is where we expect to build. This will extend the road from the end of the field, around the camp south to near County Rd 9, back across to the RV pad area, and also create a street through the FCF Village.

Building Plans

We also hope to build a couple of additional buildings in the future. We’re looking at an office building near the entrance, and also a multi-use building as well.


We need your help in the area of finances. Everything we plan to do will take both time and money. Having the money on hand to complete a building project when it’s needed can often be a difficult thing. If the Lord has placed it on your heart to give to the camp – and to see more boys connecting with God, please consider taking this opportunity to make a love offering. For more information on how to give, please see our giving page.


Please keep all of our camp team in prayer. A lot of hard work and time goes into building a camp like this. It’s a labor of love and our team has sacrificially given of their time and talents to the Lord.

Pow Wow 2019

Get ready for the greatest event of the year!

Pow Wow is July 25-28, 2019. Expect this year to be the best camp yet! We’ve got so much going on that you’re not going to want to miss it.


  • .22 Rifle Range
  • BB Gun Range
  • Archery
  • Paint Ball
  • BMX Bike Racing
  • Strong Patrol Competition
  • Ranger Derby
  • R/C Cars
  • Model Rocket Launching
  • Talent Night Skits
  • Pow Wow Run
  • Evening Services
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Swimming Pool
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Nature Craft
  • Bolo Tie Craft
  • Rocket Building Craft
  • Hawk and Knife Throwing
  • Preaching Competition
  • FCF Village
  • Two man saw
  • Flint and steel
  • Blacksmithing
  • Board Games
  • Darts
  • Movie Night
  • FCF Skit
  • Saturday Evening Show
  • Great Food
  • Camping and Hiking

Special Guest Speaker

Pastor Jay Risner

Jay and Debbie Risner have been actively involved in children’s ministries for over 20 years. Jay served in the professional entertainment industry in the late seventies. In 1980, Jay and Debbie took what they had taught and produced in the secular entertainment world and went into full time ministry using their gifts and talents for the Lord.

Jay was the children’s pastor at James River Assembly, a church of over ten thousand and Timberline Church, with an attendance of over six thousand. Jay was also a children’s pastor for ten years in California before heading to the Mission Field (Africa) in 1990, as the coordinator of Children’s Ministries for East Africa. In 1993, while in Kenya, he performed and produced a children’s TV show, “Rainbow Surprise,” that is reaching today over twenty-two million people each week. Jay currently oversees full production of the show.

Today Jay and Debbie work as “Children’s Ministries Specialist International” for the Assemblies of God World Missions. They travel across the world, training children’s pastors and workers, performing in schools, ministering in large-scale kid’s crusades, and developing Children’s Ministries in many nations. Jay is a very gifted communicator not only to children, but to adults as well.

More information to come

As we get more information we will be keeping this page updated. Be sure to bookmark it!

Registration and Information

Registration Schedule and fees:
$110/person by July 1
$120/person by July 8
$130/person by July 15
$140/person after July 15

Unchartered groups will pay an additional 15%. If you need to charter, you can do so here.
Boys who have attended JLDA Summer Camps before Pow Wow get a $20 discount. (Applications coming soon)

Online Pre-Registration is available!

Online final registration is available as well. Please be sure to pre-register first so that you can take advantage of the discounts.