Bible Verse Ideas

“Verse On The Wall”

Print each word of the verse on a sheet. Tape sheets to the wall. Give the boy something to tap the words with (or they could use their hand). They say the word while tapping it.

*Variations: After they know the verse pretty well, swap some of the words. The boy still needs to tap the words in order but now will have to look around the walls and find the correct word!
Also, you could time the boys. This could be done individually, as a team, or as a whole group- to see the best time they can achieve.

“Ranger CODE Relay”

Here the Code and meanings are written on separate pieces of cardstock. They are then scrambled up on one side of the room. Boys take turns picking a strip, running it to the other side, running back to tag a friend, who then picks another strip and continues the pattern. Once all the parts are matched correctly, boys can say the Code.

This concept can also be applied to Bible verses.